Intelligent Gamers


Don't you find it hard to find smart and intelligent people all over the web? I don't. I am a big gamer and have been since I was little. I have been told that I'm too intelligent to be a gamer. I play a lot as most do, but in my opinion I don't like how much I get crap for being an intelligent gamer.

I kinda hate it. I actually had a friend that is actually one of my gamer buddies online. I told them once about how my book I was writing was almost complete. His jaw dropped over the mic and it kinda bothered me. He was shocked that a gamer could actually write. I got very offended because I've been writing and gaming my entire life.

If you are to believe that all gamers are low lives, I think it's time to think otherwise. Us gamers are all intelligent and some of course like most community's and society's in today's world can be dumb. So just remember that your gamer kids may be dealing with crap online even though they don't know that person.


Game Sleeping

Well a few minutes ago I just woke up to realize that I never got off my game to sleep. Everything was still on, my phone wasn't charging, and my controller and everything was haft off my couch. It's strange how these things happen because when you wake up, you hardly remember what happened before you fell asleep.

It's so funny how these things work. I had to ask my friend what happened and she didn't even know. It was a weird conversation. Anyways what I'm trying to say is don't be like me, falling asleep while playing a game. If you do at least make sure your game system will turn off and not waste electricity.


Social Media

What kind of Social Media User are you? I am the user that writes blogs and posts pictures of nature. I also had a Star Wars Fan Page account on Instagram. It took me awhile to find something to use social media for. At first I used it for finding friends. After I found many friends, I realized they didn't have much in common with me. That's where I started my Star wars Instagram page, but I have a question for all of you that are reading this. Is social media worth your time? Don't answer that quite yet.

Throughout the years social media has been working on ways to help you get more involved with their app. For Facebook they had it where you could almost sign into any game using Facebook to find your friends on the games. For Instagram they made a stories section so you could show everyone what you were doing that day just like Facebook and Snapchat. This list could go on forever, but lets say this. There is no reason to be on your phone 24/7 for social media. Lets rephrase that, there's no reason to be on your phone sending snaps to everyone on Snapchat or to be posting thousands of pictures at once on Instagram or Facebook.

If you have social media, put it to use. Share your blogs, make a helping page for those in need, advertise your business, or even show people the real beauty of the world through yours or others nature pictures. Don't waste your time doing something useless on social media is my opinion. If you don't like my opinion, say that in the comments.